Content Approach – Samiir Halady

Content Approach

Content is Important to the Online Marketing Process in Maximum Number of Dimensions


The Website is the HUB of Information and there fore its imperative that the right kind of Content Exists on the Website. How this content is played out is also important as that determines how engaging the content becomes and normally ends up building a positive Brand Experience

Search Engine Optimisation

Each Search Engine has its own Algorithm and understanding this to place the right kind of keywords in the appropriate webpages makes a successful Search Engine Optimisation Plan

This involves On-Page as well as Off Page Optimisation including Article Writing and Submission, Blogs, and other content driven activities

Social Media

Understanding the Brand and the Behavioural Patterns of the Target Group is critical to Content Creation for Social Media. The emphasis is to make the Content engaging for the TG thereby creating opportunities to interact and experience the Brand

The Beauty of it is that all the Content that is created for Website, Search as well as Social Media goes hand in hand and creates the Integrated Brand Experience (IBE)