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Our Clients

Digital Marketing and Branding

Olivia Cosmetics

Duration: Since October 2016

Business Objective: As a Brand Olivia has its own strengths. A Great relationship with the trade being one of the foremost. It was required to build a direct connect with the consumer

This is being done by working on Innovative Content Strategies on Social Media

In addition to this, we are in the process of creating a new ecommerce channel for sales and building a team in Brand Management


Online Marketing Strategy

Cotmac Electronics


Cotmac Electronics is one of the Leading Companies in Industrial Automation. While it had a great relationship with customers, it was needed to generate good inbound leads

Business Objective: To Revamp Online Presence and Work on Activities to Maximise Inbound Leads

The Foremost need was to revamp the website. As this was being done, we did a keyword strategy page wise as also the social media and other content requirements that would propel the search strategy

While the strategy was being formulated, we evaluated and shortlisted agencies who would work on each of the activities.

Activities: The website was done giving a new look to the web presence. In addition we worked on a strategy of creating content for slideshare and blogs (including infographics)


Once the revamp was done, there was overall appreciation including from existing customers who found it easier to refer the company to their professional contacts. The company started improving its ranks in seach results for the keywords that we had targeted and the flow of inbound leads started increasing consistently

Search Advertising


Tajonline is a gifting site and we have been working with them on adwords campaigns that are run time to time to coincide with Festivals and other occasions

We have been able to manage great Click Through Rates and Conversions despite the increased competition in the field